Founded in May 2018, Belyntic GmbH is a chemistry-for-healthcare enterprise focusing on the purification of biopolymers, particularly peptides. We combine expertise in peptide and organic chemistry, modern laboratory infrastructure, and a strong scientific and industrial network.

We are Belyntic

As drugs, peptides (or „small proteins“) promise groundbreaking progress to fight global threats to human health such as cancer, diabetes, or Alzheimer‘s disease. More and more complex molecules, personalized medications, or high-throughput manufacturing are critical drivers for this mission.

With „Peptide Easy Clean“ (PEC), it's novel linker technology, Belyntic holds the key for this calling and a new era of chemical peptide manufacturing. The PEC technology enables first-in-class parallel purification and modification of difficult peptides with low ecological impact using catch-and-release methodologies.

Belyntic offers the world‘s first broadly applicable peptide purification kits for quick technology access, as well as development and implementation Services.

The PEC technology


Molecular structure of the PEC-Linker (RC+).

Belyntic's PEC-Linker (RC+) reflects the best-in-class solution for catch-and-release methodologies. All three functional blocks, the catch-tag (violet), the leaving group (brown), and the cleavable unit (green), are optimized and tailored to allow general applicability as well as reliable and highly efficient purification and modification experience for the user.

> Read the FAQ for more details and explore the Case Studies section to learn the PEC technology.  

Vision and mission

Our vision is to facilitate research, development, and production of novel peptide therapeutics to enable healthier lives.

The long-term establishment of our company in the market is our declared goal to guarantee sustainable partnerships in the field of biomolecular manufacturing, including purification and modification.


A consistently positive application experience for our customers is important to us. Therefore, we intend to ensure flexible technology development based upon our customers’ feedback and requirements, all while maintaining the quality and reliability of our products and services.

Who can benefit from Belyntic?


In the academic field, demand for innovation is high, while the resources can be scarce. Our ready-to-use kit format helps to produce even the toughest peptides, machine-free.

Pharma research

Our pharma research clients face various demands, among them high throughput synthesis and access to a wide range of sequences and modifications. We aim to drastically parallelize peptide purification to satisfy that need and improve the reliability of screening and discovery results with purified peptide libraries. Our clients in this field are typically part of medium-sized and bigger pharma companies.

Pharma development

Also, among our client roster: Biotech companies focusing on specific indications or technologies with access to a particular class of peptides. Belyntic’s products and services help meet the demand for scale-up and access for specific types of modified and difficult peptides.

Service providers

No one handles a more significant range of such diverse peptides than peptide service providers. Customer demands for a different number, scale, and diversity of peptide manufacturing put these companies under constant competitive pressure. We support them by providing a toolbox solution based on Belyntic’s PEC technology.

Pharma production

The segment of pharma production faces the challenge to economically and ecologically manufacture peptides on a larger scale, especially for difficult and modified peptide sequences. Our orthogonal purification technology helps to tackle even the most difficult cases.

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