The Precision Vaccines Company

Targeting Viral Infections

We create novel precision vaccines against viral diseases with emphasis on a safe induction of cellular immunity. Deep knowledge in molecular design and innovation in manufacturing drives our endeavour to provide meaningful solutions for diseases with a clear unmet medical need.

Our Technology

Self-adjuvant synthetic long peptides with multiple functional units for immune cell targeting, enhanced uptake and intracellular processing for an optimal immune response.

Latest Events

Dr. Nadja Berger attends the World Vaccine Congress Europe in October 2022. Meet her in Barcelona between October 11-14.

Dr. Nadja Berger and Dr. Kai Pohl (Charité) attend Vaccines Europe in Berlin with a poster on November 29-30.

Dr. Oliver Reimann visits the BioFit partnering conference in Strasbourg on November 29-30.

Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) Purification

Looking for PEC Kits and Services? Now, it is PurePep EasyClean by Gyros Protein Technologies.