Novel Immunotherapies For Vulnerable Patients

At Belyntic, we are developing new therapies that harness the power of the patients' own immune system.

Our Claim

We are a biotech company that specializes in developing novel therapies with focus on T cell responses.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At Belyntic, we utilize a modular approach to design and develop novel immunotherapeutic candidates.

Collaborate with Us

We believe in the power of partnerships to create impact and drive innovation in the biotech industry.

Innovative therapies to induce T cells to fight off infectious diseases & cancer

Belyntic stands at the forefront of medical innovation in vaccines, driven by our novel T-Fender platform technology, based on self-adjuvant, self-aggregating synthetic long peptides. Our therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines unleash potent and precisely targeted cellular immune responses, providing a robust defense against the reactivation of viral and bacterial infections. T-Fender vaccines are easily adaptable by the use of AI-based prediction technology, while their manufacturing and formulation is straightforward.

Key features of our vaccines

AI-Powered Development

Our use of AI-based prediction technology allows for the rapid design of novel vaccine candidates.

Strong cellular immunity

Our vaccines precisely induce pathogen-specific T cells with a lasting memory effect to protect vulnerable patients.

Stable Inherent Formulation

Our therapeutics form stable supramolecular structures with enhanced stability for facilitated application.

Belyntic at congresses and meetings

WVC – Barcelona,
October 2023

Meet Andreas and Oliver and engage on exciting topics around novel vaccine development.

Bio-Europe – Munich, November 2023

Andreas and Oliver are in Munich to connect and explore synergies with other drug developers.

AMR Conference – Basel, March 2024

Oliver will show a poster for new applications of T-Fender in the field bacterial infections.

Join us in the fight against
infectious diseases