HPLC-free Peptide

with Belyntic’s Catch & Release Technology

more information

less solvent

consumption in comparison to HPLC


time savings

with eight peptides purified in parallel



through traceless cleavable purification linker

Research Kit

ready to use

Run your purification of chemically synthesized peptides anywhere and without costly instruments. Belyntic’s Research Kit offers a high degree of comfort, providing a straightforward protocol to make the best out of your peptides.

  • all-in-one package (fritted reactors equipped with filter media, purification linker and buffer salts)

  • parallel purification

  • high yields

  • various kit sizes (8×100 µmol, 8×25 µmol and 24×10 µmol)


Developer Kit

flexible integration

We help you to bring your purification throughput to the next level.
Integrate Belyntic’s technology in your processes and reduce time expenditure and resources.

  • basic materials (filter media and purification linker)

  • easy integration

  • high reliability

  • advanced throughput

  • scalable for bulk and API purification

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Our Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) Technology

Catch & Release Filtration

How it works, step by step:

Let's purify!



amino acid coupling

· common solid phase peptide synthesis

· capping after each coupling cycle is crucial

· purification linker is coupled
  as last the step of SPPS

· stable for automated coupling

· TFA cleavage with all suitable
  cocktails such as TFA/water/TIS
  or Reagent K

· suitable solvents: up to 90% DMSO,
  citiric acid buffer or HFIP

· immobilization by oxime ligation
  on aldehyde modified agarose

· time required ~ 60 min

· washing with water, buffers
  and organic solvents

· time required ~ 10 minutes

· basic or reduction-triggered release

· liberates native peptide (traceless)

← purified peptide


Belyntic exhibits at the 35EPS in Dublin between 26th and 31st August

August 23rd, 2018|0 Comments

A milestone for Belyntic is just ahead. We will be attending the 35th European Peptide Symposium (EPS) this year, presenting our technology and product offer. We are truly delighted to be part of this groundbreaking event with leading scientists from all over the world in the field of peptide science.

Don’t miss our talk, which will be held by Robert Zitterbart, co-founder and inventor of the technology. It will start Tuesday at 4.15 pm.

We are also very happy to set up our first corporate booth (no. 206, second floor) in Belyntic’s favorite colors, showing our products and creating the space for exchange.

Get ready to re-think peptide purification. Be part of our journey and meet us at the EPS 2018!

Belyntic granted with 1st prize at BPW Plan 3rd phase

August 23rd, 2018|Comments Off on Belyntic granted with 1st prize at BPW Plan 3rd phase

On July 4th, we happily received the 1st prize for the 3rd phase at BPW Plan in the great building of the Investitionsbank Berlin.

It was a real honor to press thumbs next to all the great start-ups. Of course, we were happy that our story about peptides made it to the top.

Check: and watch our application video.

Who is Belyntic?

Dr. Robert Zitterbart

Peptide chemist
Research & Development
Inventor of PEC

Dr. Oliver Reimann

Peptide chemist

Andreas Regnery


Dominik Sarma

Material chemist

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Belyntic’s team is dedicated to bring peptide purification to the next level. Don’t hesitate to contact us for information and inquiries.