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Changing the Tide
in Peptides

What we do

New dimension of purity

Belyntic’s PEC-Linker selectively catches your desired product from the crude to reach a new dimension of purity.

Difficult peptides

Purify long, low-soluble and/or aggregating peptides with Belyntic’s catch-and-release technology.

Improve ecological efficiency

Reduce solvent consumption and waste by up to 85%.

Research Kit

Our Research Kit works as the perfect introduction to the world of PEC peptide purification. The ready-to-use package comes with PEC-Linker, car­tridges pre-filled with activated filter material and related consumables. You can choose between three formats to pro­vide you with the ideal kit in suitable number and scale for your purification needs.


Research Kit 8 x 25 µmol*:      meet your basic research demand

Research Kit 8 x 100 µmol*:    tackle the elevated scales 

Research Kit 24×10 µmol*:      create small purified libraries for screening purposes 



  • machine-free parallel purification

  • “Ready-to-use”-package

  • high flexibility for peptide solubilization

  • orthogonal to chromatographic purification

  • higher throughput due to parallel purification

*refers to synthesis scale

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Developer Kit

We designed the Developer Kit to let pu­rification be integrated flexibly in various workflows and projects. Throughput and scale are adjustable. The kit comes with the basic materials (PEC-Linker, activated filter material) along with a Manual.


Developer Kit 10:       suitable for approx. 3.3 mmol* peptide

Developer Kit 25:       suitable for approx. 8.3 mmol* peptide

Developer Kit 50:       suitable for approx. 16.7 mmol* peptide

Developer Kit 100:     suitable for approx. 33.3 mmol* peptide



  • basic material for flexible integration in routine workflow or specialized project scope

  • orthogonal to chromatographic purification

  • higher productivity through parallel purification

  • low solvent consumption

  • please consider our services for implementation or customized protocol development

*refers to synthesis scale

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Our Services

Implementation service for the PEC technology

To help you implement the PEC techno­logy in your facilities for routine applications or a specific project scope, we offer to support the process: from status-quo analysis to performance monitoring.

Protocol development service for difficult and modified peptides

In our daily R&D activities, we expand the high degrees of freedom for tailoring and optimization of our PEC technology towards special peptides. Take advantage of this deep expertise and request custom protocol development for difficult peptide sequences or peptide modification, such as fatty acid coupling or cyclization.

Expert support for sequence-specific purification challenges

Our team is excited to discuss your current purifi­cation task and evaluate a quick way to solve it using our technology offer and off-the-shelf kit products. Also check our FAQs and case studies to learn more about the broad application range and possibilities with the PEC technology.

Collaboration on new projects

We always welcome project ideas within the fields of peptide-based drug research, develop­ment, production or other exciting fields. We combine expertise in organic synthesis, linker design and peptide purification strategies. With access to a broad, international network of scientific and industrial partners, we can add the missing link to bring your project to success.

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Case Studies

Our Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) Technology

Our Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) Technology

How it works, step by step:

Let's PEC it!



amino acid coupling

· common solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS)

· capping after each coupling cycle is crucial

· the PEC-Linker is coupled
  as the last step of SPPS

· manually or automated
  in your synthesizer

· suitable scavengers prevent re-
  attachement of protecting groups

· absence of ketone/aldehyde
  contaminations is important
  for precipitation and analysis

· the peptide is dissolved in DMSO first,
  followed by the addition of 10 vol%
  chaotropic salt buffer

· solubilization of difficult and aggregating
  peptides is easily possible

· fast covalent catch by oxime ligation
  on activated filter material

· high loading capacity (~10 wt%)

· remove synthetic dirt and
  truncated peptides

· solid-phase modification of the
  unprotected peptide is possible

· reduction triggers release
  without side-reactions

· peptide is tracelessly obtained
  directly from precipitation

← purified peptide


Seed investment from Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) secured

September 16th, 2019|0 Comments

It’s official: we have completed our seed financing round amounting to €1.3 million. The funding is led by the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), with the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) also climbing on board alongside business angel Till Knorr.

We look forward to working closely with our partners as we continue to grow and succeed!

Check-out the press release here:

Welcome 2019: Honors, News and Upcoming Events

February 19th, 2019|Comments Off on Welcome 2019: Honors, News and Upcoming Events

This year has started just fabolous: selected one of the 150 most innovative companies in East Germany  (Wirtschaft+Markt, print, 01/2019) and placed among the top 50 start-ups in Germany (, “Studie 2019”). It’s great to receive such an appreciation for the things we do and fight for.

Of course, we have also been busy promoting our products: we presented the PEC-technology at the Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Pharma 2019 and the Biobilanz 2019 in Berlin.

Where to meet us next? We fixed our participation at the 6th Annual Peptide Congress (London) in April including a talk presenting the latest novelties in catch & release peptide purification ( On top we’ll be attending the German Peptide Symposium (Cologne) in March.

So, we hold the tension and push peptides to the next level with unflinching courage.

Who is Belyntic?

Founded in May 2018, Belyntic GmbH is a chemistry-for-healthcare enterprise focusing on purification of biopolymers, particularly peptides. We combine expertise in peptide and organic chemistry, modern laboratory infrastructure and a strong scientific and industrial network.

We are Belyntic

As drugs, peptides (or „small proteins“) promise groundbreaking progress to fight major threats to human health such as cancer, diabetes or Alzhei­mer‘s disease. More and more complex molecules, personalized medications or high-throughput manufacturing are key drivers for this mission.

With “Peptide Easy Clean” (PEC), its novel linker technology, Belyntic holds the key for this calling and for a new era of chemical peptide manufacturing. The PEC technology enables first-in-class parallel purification and modification of difficult peptides with low ecological impact using catch-and-release methodologies. 

Belyntic offers the world’s first broadly applicable peptide purification kits for quick technology access, as well as development and implementation services.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to facilitate research, development and production of novel peptide therapeutics to enable healthier lives.

We aim to improve research, development and production of new peptide therapeutics.

The long-term establishment of our company in the market is our declared goal to guarantee sustainable partnerships in the field of biomolecular manufacturing, including purification and modification. 

A consistently positive application experience for our customers is important to us. Therefore, we intend to ensure flexible technology development based upon our customers’ feedback and requirements, all while maintaining quality and reliability of our products and services.


“The Belyntic PEC Kit enabled us to purify peptides for the first time, that we just couldn’t purify before.”

Dr. Adrian Glas
Peptide Specialty Laboratories GmbH (PSL)

“With Belyntic’s High Throughput Kit a set of 48 short peptides were rapidly provided, that we were able to use immediately for development and validation of LC-MS/MS quantification methods. Their team was extremely helpful and responsive, and helped us move a novel project forward very quickly.”

Dr. Alex Kentsis
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“The PEC technology enables one technician to purify peptides in a few days, what would have taken 2-3 technicians app. 7-9 days. The time saved is very valuable enabling technicians to work on other tasks.”

Jonas E. Jensen, Ph.D.
Interim Head of Chemistry Laboratory
Zealand Pharma

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