At Belyntic, our perpetual goal is to help our customers to focus on the bigger picture of their projects, rather than facing purification issues. To do so, we offer services to tailor our technology to your specific needs.

Custom synthesis of peptide libraries

Coeluting side products often affect peptide purity, producing false-positive results during R&D activities. Our proprietary catch-and-release technology (Peptide Easy Clean, PEC) enables the parallel purification and removal of these critical impurities. Benefit now and increase your assay reliability through our custom synthesis service of PEC-grade peptide libraries.  

Highlights of PEC-grade peptide libraries:

> minimum amount of co-eluting truncations and deletion sequences to prevent false-positive results

> low failure rate (< 5%) due to high flexibility for solubilization of hydrophobic and aggregating peptides during purification

> multi-gram scales, modification, and higher purities for subsequent development studies available upon request

Purity> 80%
Peptide length5-20 AA
Amount> 0.5 mg
Min. order24

Get in touch, and benefit from the highest assay reliability with PEC-grade peptide libraries at unprecedented delivery time and cost.  

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Accelerate your peptide development

Every peptide project has a unique complexity profile and needs the highest attention to provide a superior manufacturing route. Belyntic's Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology is a groundbreaking tool that enables the fastest and most ecological pathway for peptide production across all peptide projects, regardless of molecule complexity or throughput (e.g., neoantigens). 

Highlights of our custom PEC development service:

> we work with the world's leading device manufacturer to offer you an unprecedented automation level at any scale

> our peptide solutions are DMF-free with the lowest possible solvent consumption and waste generation profile

> scale-up in number (e.g., neoantigens) or amount (API) production is ensured with our world-spanning network of CDMO partners

Peptide typeLinear, cyclic, modified, and other peptidomimetics (PNA) or conjugates
Peptide length10 to >50 AA
Throughput1 to >96 per day
Scalemg to multi-kg

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