Belyntic's Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology breaks barriers in peptide manufacturing. We designed a catch-and-release methodology based on novel traceless cleavable linker molecules (PEC-Linkers) and activated filter materials for the purification and modification of chemically synthesized peptides.

Belyntic manufactures these innovative PEC-Linkers and offers you the first broadly applicable peptide purification kits together with related consumables to provide you with quick access to the technology.

Our Products


Research Kit

Our Research Kit works as the perfect introduction to the world of PEC peptide purification. The Ready-to-Use package comes with PEC-Linker, cartridges pre-filled with activated filter material, and related consumables. 

From 350€ (excl. VAT)

Parallel use

High-Throughput Kit

Our High-Throughput Kits open doors for the massive parallelization of peptide manufacturing. Create purified peptide libraries in the preparative scale using catch-and-release purification methodologies in 48- or 96-well filter plates. 

From 1200€ (excl. VAT)

Technology features

The core of Belyntic's technological innovation is a catch-and-release methodologies with novel PEC-Linkers and activated filter materials, which enable several benefits for you:

  • The new dimension of purity
    Peptide purity is often critically affected by co-eluting side products that are hard to remove by chromatographic methods. Belyntic’s PEC linkers selectively catch your desired product from your crude to reach a new dimension of purity. see also: Case Studies
  • Higher throughput, higher productivity
    Purification is the bottleneck in routine peptide manufacturing in various scales and sequences. Belyntic’s PEC technology finally enables you to processing the purification/modification in parallel and increases your throughput and productivity. see also: Case Studies
  • Access to massive parallel purification
    Since standard strategies rely on one-by-one purifications, scientists use crude peptides in screenings and discovery processes. Relying on its novel concept, Belyntic’s PEC technology finally holds the key for you to massively parallelize your purification. see also: Case Studies
  • Purification of difficult peptides
    Solubility and incomplete couplings in lengthy peptides are major issues in peptide manufacturing, limiting exploration and production of novel therapeutics. Belyntic’s catch-and-release methodology enables you to tackle such hard cases and allows you to catch even the most difficult peptides. see also: Case Studies
  • Routine protocol (one method fits all)
    To deal with different peptide properties, the parameters of purification often need to be optimized during laborious method development cycles. Belyntic provides you a simple routine protocol to purify a wide range of peptides. see also: Case Studies
  • Advanced peptide modification
    In recent times, chemical modifications have opened up new perspectives for the application of peptides as drugs or conjugates in general. However, with that development come increasingly challenging peptide purification processes. Belyntic’s PEC technology goes beyond purification and equips you with a tool for advanced peptide modification on the solid phase. see also: Case Studies
  • Increased yield
    Current purification methods often come with high loss of product. Belyntic’s catch-and-release technology stands out by ensuring a high recovery of product and therefore increased yield for you. see also: Case Studies
  • Improved ecological efficiency
    Chromatographic purification of peptides consumes large amounts of organic solvent. Belyntic‘s PEC technology offers remedy by drastically lowering the use of organic solvents, improving your ecological efficiency. see also: Case Studies
  • Novel linker molecules
    We continuously strive to improve our Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) linker technology that underlies all of our products. Our efforts to develop and market novel chemical linker molecules is financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

How to purify with Belyntic

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