Presenting peptide purification of neoantigens at the Europe Neoantigen Summit 2021


Peptides form an essential basis for the development of novel personalized cancer therapies. Neoantigens represent an excellent target for selective activation of the immune systems against the disease. These small peptide fragments are presented on cancer cells and can be identified using in-silico prediction tools.  

However, their timely manufacturing - as linear sequences for validation or clinical application, or in modified form to tune the immunogenic properties - remains a significant obstacle due to the sequential purification with chromatography after the chemical synthesis. 

Our Solution

Belyntic‘s PEC technology helps you unfold the full potential of your neoantigen projects. Increase your manufacturing speed with Belyntic's unique parallel peptide purification technology Peptide Easy Clean.

Add reliability with purified neoantigen libraries for validation studies and improve the therapeutic efficacy with advanced modification strategies. Benefit from fast technology access through our kit offers and let our team of service experts help you customize PEC for your specific needs.

The Neoantigen Summit

European Neoantigen Summit is the leading industry-dedicated meeting focused on advancing personalized cancer immunotherapy through neoantigen targeting. It will bring together the leading pharma and biotech companies to discuss reducing the discordance between various neoantigen prediction methods, maximizing the immune response to neoantigens, shortening the needle-to-needle time of personalized cancer immunotherapy, navigating the evolving regulatory landscape to faster approval. 

Oliver Reimann, co-Founder of Belyntic will participate and welcomes every opportunity to get in touch (drop an email to

Case Study

Using standard procedures, we purified 20 neoantigens in a single day with a striking increase of purity from an average of 53% up to 89% (Figure 1). 


Figure 2: Purity gain of a neoantigen set of 20 peptides after PEC-purification.

A particular example is shown in Figure 2 that shows a challenging crude mixture for neoantigen peptide N14 out of which the target peptide could be isolated efficiently in a pure form. 


Figure 3: Purification of a neoantigen from a complex crude mixture

Read the full story in our recently published paper in Chemical Science (link) and explore our case study section for more information about the PEC technology and its applications (link). 

Get access to the PEC technology with Belyntic's purification kits.

Belyntic offers you the first broadly applicable peptide purification kits to take advantage of parallel neoantigen manufacturing in your own research projects or manufacturing processes (Table 1). The kit comes together with related consumables and provides you with quick access to the technology.

Table 1: Overview of purification kits available in our store.

Our Research Kit works as the perfect introduction to the world of PEC peptide purification and modification. The Ready-to-Use package comes with PEC-Linker, cartridges pre-filled with activated filter material, and related consumables. 

Download the product flyer.

We designed the Developer Kit to let pu­rification be integrated flexibly in various workflows and projects. Throughput and scale are adjustable. The kit comes with the essential materials (PEC-Linker, activated filter material) along with a manual.

Download the product flyer.

Our High-Throughput Kits open doors for the massive parallelization of peptide manufacturing. Create purified peptide libraries in the preparative scale using catch-and-release purification methodologies in 48- or 96-well filter plates. 

Download the product flyer.

Get ready for the changing tides and explore our website for more information or get in contact with us. 

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