Peptide Easy Clean now part of Mesa Laboratories, Inc.


We proudly announce the acquisition of Belyntic's Peptide Easy Clean Technology by US-based company Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

Throughout the last six years, we worked hard to commercialize the first universally applicable catch & release (c&r) technology for peptides - Peptide Easy Clean (PEC). PEC is orthogonal to existing chromatographic techniques and enables parallel and automated purification of peptides for accelerated drug development and efficient production processes. The technology is easy to use, fast, and drastically reduces the need for organic solvents. We launched three Kit products and established highly innovative design-in services to meet our customer's needs. The purification business is now transferred to Mesa. 

Peptide Easy Clean becomes PurePep Easy Clean

This acquisition and the integration of PEC into the peptide business of Mesa is a landmark in our mission to revolutionize peptide manufacturing, ultimately leading to the best possible drugs for patients with unmet medical needs. Read the initial press release here (Link).

We are looking forward to combining state-of-the-art peptide synthesis engineering with our innovation in c&r purification to open the space for exciting new applications in manufacturing from discovery to production. All Kit products can now be ordered online at

Belyntic GmbH will continue with the exciting biotechnological development of highly complex peptide vaccine candidates, that are able to bring a paradigm shift to the application of peptides in the vaccine field, leveraged by the PEC technology.

Stay tuned for more information, 

your Team Belyntic

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