On-resin chemical modifications of unprotected peptides: Presentation at the Oxford Global Biologics UK Series 2020


We are delighted to show at the Oxford Global Biologics UK Series 2020 virtual conference how our Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology enables the manufacturing of modified peptides. These modifications are difficult to synthesize with conventional methods and often change the properties of the peptides so profoundly that chromatographic purification is almost impossible to achieve. In contrast, PEC enables the easy and straightforward modification and purification of those peptides in one single approach. Highlighted examples include thioether stabled bicyclic, disulfide bridged, and lipidated peptides.

Title. On-resin chemical modifications of unprotected peptides via catch & release chemistry: New synthetic routes to complex molecules

Authors. Robert Zitterbart, Stephan Lüdtke, Manoj Kumar Muthyala and Dominik Sarma

Belyntic GmbH, Richard-Willstaetter-Str. 11, 12489 Berlin, Germany; 

Abstract.  The talk will explain the principles of the Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology. The first part will demonstrate the parallel purification principle on a set of 20 neoantigen peptides, and the high-throughput purification of peptide libraries in 96-well filter plate format. The second part will show the purification and chemical modification of peptides through on-resin chemistry during catch & release.  Examples are highlighting chemoselective attachment of lipids and scaffolds for thioether bridging. Additionally, disulfide formation on purification support is show-cased.  

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